Below I listed some of the projects I did in the past couple years. Each project either has Github page or webpage associated with the project

Medium Articles

I occasionally publish articles on various topics on Most of them are related to technology such as Software Development, Machine Learning and AI. I also started recording podcasts for each article I write. You can check them out within each Medium article.

Link to Medium: Check out my articles

Cyrillic and Latin converter

Kazakhstan is currently undergoing transition of changing alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin letters. I used HTML, CSS, base JS to create this free tool to convert text between two alphabets.

Link to QazKonvert: Link to the website

Review Microsoft Azure, ClarifAI and face_recognition

Why and What for? As a part of NLP lab at Emory, we were using face_recognition package based on dlib. However, the performance of the package on the dataset we had wasn't satisfactory enough. As a result, I was tasked to explore several packages online and determine which one performs better. After browsing online

What did I learn? This was the first time when I was tasked to do my own research and come up with analysis. Also, this was first time I implemented APIs and tested them.

Link to Github: Review of Face Recognition Packages

Front End Website

Why and What for? I designed small front-end website for local bakery in Kazakshtan.

What did I learn?I learned markup language HTML, CSS (Boostrap Framework) and a little bit of JavaScript.

Link to website: Lucky Bakery

When is the easiest time to land job?

Why and What for? Developed along with Rohan Bansal and Alvin Choi, this project was developed for DataFest Hackathon at Emory in 2018.

Using job applications data for job queries in the past 12 months, we came up with "Demand Index" in order to calculate how popular is the job in the given period. Then, using K-Means clustering algorithm we grouped together job queries in the particular region. The result, given new users input (job title and location) predict how popular is job in the over the past 12 months in the desired location.

What did I learn? This was the first project I have completed using both my statistical knowledge as well as CS. I also worked along in a team in the technical project under time constraint (48 hours)

Face Recognition for Webcam

Why and What for? During my sophomore year in college, I got interested in face recognition aspect of AI. I watched some online tutorials and videos. At first, I used Haar Cascade and Eigen Faces in order to recognize faces. The following techniques aren't state-of-the-art, but they are good for illustrative purposes.

What did I learn? I learned how to google and found some great resources, which I compiled in my github repository. Also now, I am using various other packages online that have accuracy rates of 95% and higher.

Link to Github: Face Recognition using OpenCV and Python

Emotion Detection using Text and Images

Why and What for? The aim of the project is to teach computers how to determine emotions based on texts and images. So far, most of the researchers have focused on emotion detection based on either text or images. This project is multi-modal because it focuses on combining both text and images.

What did I learn? I can't list all the things I learned in the lab, but some of the things are: face recognition and extraction, text and subtitle matching, video frame manipulation and conversion, and how to create HITs in the Amazon MTurk. Also, I got an opportunity to practice my coding skills in Python.

Link to Github: Emotion Detection

Machine Learning In Action

Why and What for? This pitch deck was designed for Emory Gouizeta Business School Pitch Competition. The premise of my pitch was to use Machine Learning (ML) and making it accessible for non-technical audience. In other words, create ML interactive dashboard for non-technical people to use and experiment with.

What did I learn? The project was big undertaking for 1 person - I was told my judges in the competition. However, this was my first experience pitching and trying to sell my idea to the investors.